Customer Information System in the Cloud


The utilities business is complex regardless of the size of the customer base. 

Water revenues increasingly are squeezed by water conservation measures.  Electricity revenues similarly face downward pressure from energy conservation and overall grid departure. 

More and more, utilities must field a complex and diverse portfolio of information systems that do everything from tracking outages or detecting leaks to calculating complex winter averages (for water utilities) and time-of-use or dynamic peak pricing (for electric utilities) to the optimization of collections with pre-pay metering.

Tech-savvy and demanding customers require more real-time and more engaging modes of interaction. 

To top it off, utilities are facing political pressure to help administer regulatory and public policy—to help support mayors’ visions of smart cities, etc.




Small- and mid-sized utilities struggle to fulfill the mandate of a demanding and increasingly savvy public on a shrinking budget.



Solution Innovation


Utilities with constrained budgets no longer must settle for limited CIS solutions that struggle to meet the demands of an increasingly complex industry.

Get the state-of-the-art solution from the #1 provider of customer information systems.  Guarantee that your organization can meet the challenges of tomorrow’s utility industry.

Tap into a community and benefit from best practices on meeting the public mandate.

We address all of the key challenges:

·         Best-in-Class Platform

·         Bundled Business Processes

·         Technology Simplification

·         Shortened Implementation

·         Ownership Model – “Get to Zen”


Best-in-Class Platform

Leading CIS platform supporting the most sophisticated utilities. 45 of the 50 top utilities companies in the world run this CIS solution.

Functional capabilities:

  • Supports electricity, gas, and water / waste water;
  • Effective call center application;
  • Engaging and modern user interface;
  • Advanced metering infrastructure;
  • Innovative and flexible dunning processes;
  • Improve exceptions management processing time by 20%;
  • Customer self-service;
  • Optional expansion to full integrated ERP + CIS;
  • Supports your growth;
  • And more…


Bundled Business Processes

“Our operations are inefficient.  We need to implement best practices.”

“We can only do [ABC] with our system.”

“Is there a better way?  How do other utilities handle [XYZ]?”

·         Adopt industry best practices;

·         Business process repository with X business processes;

·         Ready-to-adopt process documentation;

·         Ready-to-adopt preconfigured solution.



Technology Simplification

“Why should running a utility require us to be IT experts?”

“We’re having trouble keeping up with security, cloud, middleware, systems integration, etc.”

Simplify your landscape and get back to focusing on your core mission—to deliver commodities and superior customer service!

·         Bundled customer self-service;

·         Insight-to-action analytics right within your CIS;

·         Embedded meter data management with proactive alarms, prepay metering, and smart grid analytics;

·         Cloud hosting;

Application management support.


Shortened Implementation

“I’m fielding a lean staff and can’t afford to support a long CIS implementation.”

·         Seven-month deployment and conversion*;

·         Early and rapid knowledge transfer;

·         Rapid conversion.


* Pending scope validation with customer.


Ownership Model - "Get to Zen"

Ownership Model – “Get to Zen”

“We can’t support the system on our budget.”

“We can’t keep up with stakeholder demands.”

“Our system can’t support that request.”

“We don’t have the skillset….”

It’s not all about the technology; governance and the support structure are equally as important. 

Get on a cloud and adopt an ownership model that lightens the burden of fielding a top-notch staff with a varied set of technical skills.

·         Lighten the support burden with cloud;

·         Adopt a best-practice governance model;

·         Tap into the best skillsets on the market and maintain a sane support budget.