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Backflow Device Inspection App


Utilities are required by state and local regulations to inspect backflow devices. Current manual processes are slow and can be error-prone, creating inefficient customer interactions with little transparency. Simplifying these processes through digitalization drives end-to-end efficiency and improves customer satisfaction.

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Utilities are under a lot of pressure to improve compliance, deliver better customer experience, lower operational costs, and increase revenue.

Whether your water utility relies on third parties or manages inspections in-house, it’s difficult to ensure compliance using manual processes.

Solution Overview

Utegration Backflow Device Inspection app is a simple and easy-to-adopt solution, connecting utility customers, backflow device inspectors, and utilities to the complete backflow device inspection process.

The app eliminates the need for paper-based processes where errors are likely to occur and eliminates the time spent transferring information to backend systems. This means fewer errors and increased efficiency.

Value Drivers

Information Transparency

Customer activity will be visible to call center representatives to enable accurate, informed, and efficient customer interactions. Information is stored in enterprise systems promoting one source of the truth, making customer service and field operations more efficient.

Right-Sized Solution

Integration is easy, too. We offer an automated, simplified integration to any backend enterprise system without additional technology costs. The water utility can opt for a manual upload / download or an automated system integration.

For existing SAP customers, that means no new technology stack – no need to train your staff.


Real-time Reporting

Once the inspection results are submitted by inspectors, the utility may review those results for approval or rejection. If needed, the utility may cross-review the certificates and expiration dates of the inspectors as well as their test kits.

The app also creates reports for the utility to retrieve information on all overdue inspections and a list of all inspection work done by inspectors.

Increased Efficiency

The Backflow Device Inspection app captures data at the source to improve accuracy and eliminate the manual, paper-based process currently used by water utilities


Technology Innovation

The Backflow Device Inspection App is easy to use and back-end agnostic making it easy to adopt.

Cloud Solution

  • Designed to be delivered over a network as a cloud service
  • Assistance is provided to enable all target users to install configure, and use the solution
  • Software-as-a-Service solution
  • Delivered online as a subscription service


  • Achieves operational performance levels of 99.5% or greater
  • Utilizes a multi-tenant architecture with complete isolation and encryption of customer account data, policy and configuration settings
  • Meets recommended support levels

What’s next?

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