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SAP S/4HANA has the potential to turn your utility into a nimble, data-informed organization. At Utegration, we know how to unlock the full potential of SAP’s leading-edge solutions in ways that will transform your business into the better, faster, stronger company it needs to be.

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Digitalization is now within reach, with Utility4U™. It's the only end-to-end, pre-integrated platform comprised of modules that support all operations of an intelligent utility, including proactive, data-driven customer service, financials, asset management and even regulatory compliance.

State-of-the-art 4U™ products and services

If we see opportunities to gain even more ROI from SAP®, we create 4U™ products and services that do just that, like Finance4U® and MeterData4U®, so you don’t miss a single opportunity to optimize.

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2023 U.S. Utilities Transformation Study

What would you like to learn from utilities who have already completed business transformation projects? Utegration teamed up with our data migration partner, Natuvion, to document “lessons learned” in an effort to help utilities who are about to embark on their own transformation. Download the study to get details about the full transformation project journey.