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A modern solution that unlocks the potential of AMI

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) has the potential to transform your business and upgrade your customer service. But traditional AMI solutions, with separate meter data management (MDM) systems, are costly to implement, run and maintain, and limit the possibilities of AMI data.

Utegration’s MeterData4U is the next-generation solution for AMI. It unifies AMI and CIS data in one elegant, patented solution, streamlining architecture and business process to make it easier and more affordable for your utility to innovate and create meaningful customer interactions. MeterData4U has achieved SAP certified integration so you can be confident in your investment.

MeterData4U is designed for your success.


360° View

Enables a holistic view of metering, billing, and customer data sets, and provides unparalleled insight into daily operations as well as cutting-edge analytical capabilities.


Better Customer Service

Reduces the time it takes to resolve customer inquiries by eliminating hand-offs between systems and agents, and the need to engage in manual processes.


Fewer Billing Delays

Unifies customer and metering data into a single system, increasing billing accuracy and reducing customer inquiries and cancel/re-bill scenarios.

More Efficient Field Service

Enables accurate and timely field dispatch decisions with access to both operational and business master data. Flexible rules engine creates service orders based on real-time AMI events received from the field and by evaluating the Move In/Out status.

Lower TCO

By eliminating the MDM tier as a separate technology stack, including 60 to 80 complex interfaces, MeterData4U greatly reduces the upfront and ongoing costs of deploying AMI – Audit/Compliance, User Management, Security, and Disaster Mitigation are all seamlessly unified.

See how MeterData4U can upgrade your customer service and billing.

What our customers are saying.

“You are the best at Meter to Cash, successful implementations, and understanding the core utility business. You have great people and back them up with great support.”
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Leading-edge Technology


Meter Operation Dashboards

Provides real-time analytical capabilities for meter operations analysts, billing and customer service agents, and IT overseeing deployment of AMI.


Built-in Validation Rules

Flexible ABAP-based validation framework provides pre-built validations for both daily and interval data. Many validations are customizable, including load factor tolerance, negative consumption/roll over, tolerance limits, usage on moved out devices, and more.


Review and Manual Editing

Users can launch and view native SAP transactions directly from the overview, and edit invalid reads to expedite meter read fulfillment and ensure timely billing.


Estimation of Missing Meter Read

Pre-built estimation routines enable timely gap-filling of missing or invalid daily and interval data. Estimation framework is easily customized to meet specific customer requirements, and the development of new estimation logic is straightforward.

Unify CIS and AMI data with MeterData4U

Accelerate meter-to-cash operations and field operations. Move beyond disparate systems that slow you down and limit the possibilities of your AMI data.

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Why Utegration?

At Utegration, we hire the most skilled and customer-focused people who have the industry and technical expertise it takes to transform utilities. Many of our team members were handpicked from the top ranks of SAP. We know our stuff and partner with our clients to bring a higher level of performance to all their operations.

We are the known experts for SAP customer service and billing technology implementation, with a 100% success rate. Plus, Utegration manages the customer service platform for 16 midsize utilities in North America (AMS).

We’re more than experts in SAP for utilities, we’re world-class innovators. Our deep industry knowledge spurs us to build software that makes the SAP solution for utilities more complete, drives value for our clients and creates happier utility customers.

Utegration partners with technology leaders with a proven track record of innovation and leadership in the utility industry, including SAP, Avertra, and InvoiceCloud.

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MeterData4U is available on the SAP Store.

2023 U.S. Utilities Transformation Study

What would you like to learn from utilities who have already completed business transformation projects? Utegration teamed up with our data migration partner, Natuvion, to document “lessons learned” in an effort to help utilities who are about to embark on their own transformation. Download the study to get details about the full transformation project journey.