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Plan4U for SAP S/4HANA®


Utilities are feeling the pressure to transform their businesses, yet many lack a solid business case to replace their proven SAP ERP with the next-generation
SAP S/4HANA solution.


Many utilities have invested heavily in both implementing SAP and integrating it with the enterprise. Their environment is stable and they have been able to add incremental innovations as needed.

Migrating to the SAP S/4HANA platform could allow utilities to propel themselves into the digital world, but justifying a migration is a major hurdle.

Solution Overview

The Utegration Plan4U for SAP S/4HANA offering provides an efficient and structured approach to assess your current environment and determine a path to SAP S/4HANA that is the least disruptive, generates the most value, and provides the greatest return on your SAP investment.

Value Drivers


Misinformation regarding SAP S/4HANA can prevent fair evaluation. Get ahead of the rumor mill and provide comprehensive information to both the Business and IT.


Identify business value

A migration to SAP S/4HANA is more than just an upgrade, so it is critically important to align the project with value drivers that resonate within your utility.

Included in the discussion should be internal and external forces that are accelerating your need to be able to innovate rapidly. For example:

  • Financial pressure to do more with less
  • New disrupters / competitors
  • Regulatory expectations
  • Customer expectations



Developing your unique SAP S/4HANA story is not easy, but necessary.  Your story should include a summary of where you have been, where you are heading and what role enabling technology will play in the journey.


Create your plan

Your comprehensive multi-year plan should include detailed discovery, informed decision making and alignment with all levels of your enterprise.

Your plan should include:

  • What: greenfield, brownfield or hybrid
  • How: technical, transformative, incremental, or big bang
  • Where: cloud, on premise or hybrid
  • When: no later than early 2025
  • Why: well-defined value drivers that align with overall program costs and objectives

Collaborative Approach

Knowing that every utility’s SAP S/HANA story is unique, Utegration developed the SAP S/4HANA Plan4U methodology to provide a collaborative, iterative process to plan, discover, validate and complete your story.

Unique Deliverables for Your Journey

Known as the SAP experts for utilities in Canada and the United States, the Utegration team comes equipped with extensive industry knowledge and a portfolio of proven SAP S/4HANA sample deliverables and accelerators.


What’s next?

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2023 U.S. Utilities Transformation Study

What would you like to learn from utilities who have already completed business transformation projects? Utegration teamed up with our data migration partner, Natuvion, to document “lessons learned” in an effort to help utilities who are about to embark on their own transformation. Download the study to get details about the full transformation project journey.