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Connect your business to the future.

Today’s utilities and energy companies need to be both future-ready and future-proof. Getting there involves more than integrating the latest technology. You need a strategic partner with a proven track record, who understands the complexities of the industry, and can provide technology solutions that drive business success across the company.

See how Utegration is connecting companies to the future.

How to choose the right CX solution.
Read our "Use CX to Accelerate Energy Transition Success" playbook.

How do you navigate an industry that’s constantly changing?

Dynamic markets are creating new opportunities. Staying the course is no longer an option.

Your company is under pressure from all sides. Changing customer preferences, new sustainability requirements, smart cities, and the rapid adoption of digital technologies are creating unprecedented challenges and driving utility and energy companies to look for new ways of optimizing their operations.

Game-changing solutions for utility and energy companies.

Drawing on our unmatched industry knowledge and expertise, Utegration helps utilities and energy companies meet the challenges they face by creating elegant solutions that streamline operations, drive value and create happier stakeholders and customers.


Utility4U is a cloud-based, pre-configured solution that delivers the benefits of both integration and agility. It enables the end-to-end operations of an intelligent utility by integrating everything from data-driven customer service to complex asset management and regulatory compliance.

Finance4U® Regulatory Accounting and Reporting

Utegration’s Finance4U Regulatory Accounting and Reporting solution is the only reporting product that lets you continually monitor if you are on track to meet your regulatory performance metrics. It runs inside your SAP ERP, and gives you real-time access to accurate data for regulatory accounting, streamlined rate cases, and cost flow reports.

Finance4U® Extended Asset Accounting

Utegration’s Extended Asset Accounting solution is the only SAP-certified add-on that leverages the universal journal, enabling you to finally manage all your financial accounting, including asset capitalization and depreciation, in your SAP ERP. Get ready to close faster than ever before with fewer resources.

Customer Experience and Billing

Meeting new demands in customer experience, operational efficiency and regulatory requirements is a major challenge without the right data and processes. Utegration streamlines everything with our preconfigured CX and billing platform and MeterData4U®, our next-gen AMI solution.

Our track record speaks for itself.

“I value the overall partnership we have with Utegration and their customer-focused mindset.”
IT Manager
SAP Business Analyst, Large Energy Retailer
“Words are not enough for the great work over the last 4+ years. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Hope to see you back soon on future projects.”
Finance Transformation Solutions Manager
Large Utility in Southeast U.S.
“I don’t just feel like a number when I work with Utegration. I feel like they are invested in my company and team’s success.”
Utility Client
NPS 2022 Survey
“Utegration has been a true partner. The resources assigned are dedicated to our success and very knowledgeable.”
Utility Client
NPS 2022 Survey
“Solid company. Great talent. They get stuff done. Fun to work with.”
Utility Client
NPS 2022 Survey
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2023 U.S. Utilities Transformation Study

What would you like to learn from utilities who have already completed business transformation projects? Utegration teamed up with our data migration partner, Natuvion, to document “lessons learned” in an effort to help utilities who are about to embark on their own transformation. Download the study to get details about the full transformation project journey.