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Finance4U® Regulatory Accounting & Reporting

Create and defend regulatory reports faster with easy access to data you can trust.

Regulatory reports require more detail than ever, from all across the enterprise, and they’re only going to get more exacting in the years ahead. If that’s not challenging enough, utilities and energy companies often create their reports manually, using disparate financial plans and systems, which is time consuming for your team and results in data duplication. When regulators have questions, it’s difficult to trace back specific figures and assumptions.

Finance4U Regulatory Accounting and Reporting simplifies these complex processes, so you can be more than ready for the increased scrutiny. As the only patented, SAP certified add-on for regulatory reporting, it gives utility and energy companies that run SAP quick access to accurate data, and the comprehensive, real-time picture they need to continuously monitor if they are on track to meet regulatory performance metrics and ensure they can earn their authorized rate of return.

Finance4U products have been implemented by utility and energy companies across the country with a 100% success rate.

Finance4U Regulatory Accounting and Reporting simplifies everything.


Increase Visibility

Runs inside your SAP ERP, giving your full team easy and fast access to accurate real-time data for reporting and interrogatory responses.

Proactive Performance Management

Accurate, real-time data enables you to continuously track your progress toward your regulatory performance metrics and make proactive course corrections if needed.

Simplify Accounting

Tracks O&M by function, by FERC account, or by GAAP account. Integration between planning and actual financial data creates a unified financial and regulatory planning and reporting solution.

Save Time and Money

Automates the regulatory reporting process so you can populate, verify and file reports 50 - 75% faster with fewer resources. Provides the ability to trace cost flow from original to final cost objects, or vice versa, and analyze O&M and capital cost distribution across the enterprise.

No Reconciliation Needed

Allowing for both ledgers in one system, the universal journal supports real-time regulatory account derivation and regulatory reporting. No reconciliation is needed between a regulatory ledger and GAAP ledger saving regulatory finance teams significant time and effort.

See how Finance4U Regulatory Accounting and Reporting can help you defend your financial position.

What our customers are saying.

Thomas Lord
CIO, UGI Utilities

Leading-edge Technology

Cost Flow Tracing

Enables tracing of detailed cost flow from original to final cost objects, or vice versa. Also can analyze high-level O&M and capital cost distribution across the enterprise.

Regulatory Account Derivation Rule

Configurable regulatory account derivation and splitting rules. Support blended labor rate and automatically split payroll burden from payroll costs upon posting.

Pre-built Reports

Finance4U includes pre-built reports based on the SAP Universal Journal, including real-time regulatory account derivation.

Real-time Regulatory Account Derivation

Adds regulatory account information to the transaction on the SAP Universal Journal in real time.

FERC Reporting on SAP S/4HANA

Our experts created this guide to answer questions on the impact of SAP S/4HANA on regulatory reporting for utility companies.

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Why Utegration?

At Utegration, we hire the best people who have the industry and technical expertise it takes to transform utilities and energy companies. Many of our team members were handpicked from the top ranks of SAP. We know our stuff and partner with our clients to bring a higher level of performance to all their operations.

Utegration knows how to help utilities and energy companies get the most out of SAP. It’s been our sole focus since day one, and it’s why we have an unmatched record of 100% success in implementations.

We’re more than experts in SAP for utilities and energy companies, we’re world-class innovators. Our deep industry knowledge spurs us to build software that makes the SAP solution for utilities and energy more complete, drives value for our clients and creates happier stakeholders across the board.

Utegration partners with technology leaders with a proven track record of innovation and leadership in the utility and energy sectors, including SAP, Natuvion, and Workiva.

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Finance4U Regulatory Accounting and Reporting is available on the SAP Store.

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