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Utility4U™ Platform


The utility service model is changing quickly and dramatically. To meet the new demands, utilities simply must digitalize their operations. However, the cost to do so can be prohibitive—for mid-size utilities, in particular. But until they do, they will fall farther and farther behind.


Every utility is under pressure to accommodate new customer demands, respond to increased regulatory scrutiny and drive hyper-efficiency. While digitalizing operations is the clearest path to addressing these challenges, mid-sized utilities can be at a real disadvantage due to the lack of affordable solutions designed to serve them. Even the maintenance of modern technology can prove challenging and costly in smaller utilities, due to staff size and available skillsets.

Solution Overview

Utility4U is the most comprehensive pre-configured utility business platform available. It is an extreme accelerator—designed specifically to put digitalization in reach for all utilities. It encompasses all key Customer Information System (CIS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) functionality, including utility practices for customer service, asset and work management and financial processes and regulatory reporting.

Utility4U incorporates these modules in a pre-configured manner, leveraging proven industry enhancements and workflows, embedded analytics and standards-based integration approaches, which decreases implementation costs and risks. It is built on SAP®, the technology of choice among the world’s largest utilities, by the utility process experts at Utegration.

Value Drivers

Risk Mitigation

Implementing a solution from scratch not only introduces more risk of things going wrong, it also adds unnecessary time and expense. We designed Utility4U as a pre-configured solution with the most effective ERP, EAM and CIS utility business processes built right in. We also leverage our proven Utegration Elevate4U™ implementation methodology, providing our clients with a greater certainty of success.


Utegration can implement Utility4U at the speed your utility accommodate. We leverage a largely agile delivery model, and since our solution exists from the start of the project, populated with your utility data, we can accelerate change management and organizational readiness along the way. This means your time to benefit is substantially reduced—with a commensurately lower total cost of ownership.


Utility4U leverages SAP’s standard integration approach — which is based on the SAP Cloud Platform (SAP CPI) — to integrate SAP’s cloud products to SAP S/4HANA and other integration standards. Utility4U also supports integration to third-party systems via standards-based integration.

Technology Currency

On a regular basis, new features and functions that are deemed important by Utegration and the Utility4U customer community will be added to the solution. In this way, the product itself keeps pace with the SAP roadmap, which is an important differentiator from other vendor templates.

If you choose to take advantage of our optional expert SAP managed services, you’ll get ongoing support, plus annual functional improvements and technical service packs.




Utility4U doesn’t cut corners in capabilities or scalability. It is built on the same SAP technology the largest utilities in the world run. We make it more affordable by: 1) Pre-configuring utility
business processes, which avoids costly customizations and saves you significant time and money; 2) Providing fixed pricing to support an affordable, multiyear total cost of ownership (TCO); 3) Building in technology upgrades so there are no surprise costs.

Getting all three of these cost-saving measures in a market-leading technology solution is a game-changer for mid-size utilities who don’t want to settle for less than the best.

  Flexibility and Usability

Utility4U is designed to be implemented in a modular fashion or as an end-to-end platform, leveraging the benefits of a single integrated solution. It comes with built-in utility processes that
have been designed to an 80% complete status based on Utegration’s experience of the most effective customer service, back office, collections management, workand asset management, and financial, supply chain and regulatory reporting processes, with 20% determined by your utility’s unique needs. It can be implemented on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid model.

And, Utility4U is designed to accommodate how utility teams work, with user experience at the forefront of each and every process and subprocess. Adopting Utility4U increases the process yield from day one, because the processes leverage in-built automations and workflows that increase team and departmental outputs, all while delivering process information along the way – both at the aggregated and detailed level.

Process Innovation

Utility4U is designed based on Utegration’s experience with the most effective ERP, EAM and CIS processes for electric, gas, water and wastewater utilities. Think of Utility4U as your business process repository, housing 116 business processes:

  • 61 financial, supply chain, and regulatory processes, like the general ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, RUS reporting, project accounting and fixed assets, warehouse and inventory management, as well as procurement processes
  • 12 end-to-end work management and asset management business processes
  • 43 customer relationship and billing processes

Our validation process ensures our preconfigured processes work for your utility, and we work to keep customizations to a minimum. This pays off in terms of futureproofing your solution.

Technology Innovation

Utility4U is built on the latest SAP core business process platform, SAP S/4HANA, leveraging SAP’s state of the art, streamlined and intuitive cloud solution for analytics, the SAP Analytics Cloud.

Beyond the core CIS, ERP and EAM modules, we have built into the solution innovative accelerators from the Utegration 4U™ suite of utility solutions and services, including:

  • Finance4U®, our suite of financial products, has achieved SAP certification as integrated with SAP S/4HANA® and supports the full Record to Recovery™ process
  • Industry-specific analytics, which include intuitive design, actionable reporting and dashboards
  • Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) process integration, supporting either an embedded Meter Data Management system (MeterData4U™) or a commercially available MDM

For optimal flexibility, Utility4U can be deployed holistically, or by process area, and in the cloud or on-premises.

Change Management and Training

Utegration is committed to your team’s success with the new system, including effective training and organizational change management.

Utility4U comes with all the documentation pre-authored and the test cases pre-developed to ensure that the implementation will be as seamless as possible. It includes business analytics and dashboards –for example, financial dashboards and reports that we know utilities need to run their business because we have been asked by your peers to develop them.

Finally, it includes EnableU™ –a training and change management content authoring and rendering system that uses multiple in-app learning methods for the most effective results. Designed around the many ways adults actually learn, EnableU offers a training and organizational change management solution that enables your employees to be productive on day one.

What’s next?

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