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Strategy and Approach to Overcoming Obstacles in an AMI Implementation (with Worksoft)

Sometimes projects encounter unexpected events. The project team often develops innovative solutions to these events. In the first of two presentations, we will discuss the ways that the Worksoft automation tools benefitted an AMI implementation project in both planned and unplanned ways.

In a recent AMI implementation, the project team encountered several obstacles involving:

* Data integrity

* Data development

* System integration failures

These issues were overcome using the Worksoft automated testing tool in innovative ways. In this presentation, we will demonstrate how creative uses of the Worksoft tool were used to accomplish:

* Data integrity for pre-migrated information

* Data creation for virtual AMI meters

* System continuity when integration issues challenged the project timeline

* Regression library of automated tests for project and future use

In this presentation, the strategy and approach for implementing the tools will be presented. In the second presentation, more technical aspects of using the Worksoft tools will be presented.