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SAP for Utilities 2018


Miss us at SAP for Utilities? View our content below.

We teamed with our clients to cover the latest hot topics, from AMI and Big Data to S/4HANA and Digital Customer Engagement.


Tuesday 10:00-10:30am

Your guide to developing your S/4 Cloud Roadmap.

Presented by Mark Olson, Nebraska Public Power and Dennis Kurlandski, Utegration

3+ years have gone by since SAP laid out their S/4HANA-centric product roadmap.  Early adopters are already enjoying the benefits of S/4HANA, but the majority of Utilities in North America have yet to define and socialize their S/4HANA plans.  Waiting for others to act first is no longer a viable option.

Do you know how much time and effort it will take to develop your plan?  Stop by for an enlightening 30 minute discussion and learn how one Utility developed their S/4HANA plan, aligned it with their strategic IT roadmap and socialized it with their leadership.


Tuesday 1:00-1:30pm

Maximize the potential of machine learning, the digital boardroom, and load forecasting.

Presented by Henry Le, Utegration and Alon Raskin, Utegration

Pairing deep analytics with high level executive dashboarding is essential in communicating business value and insights. Find out how Utegration's solution leverages Big Data from Utilities and Public data with SAP Leonardo’s technologies to solve problems such as load forecasting, asset maintenance optimization, customer risk, credit scoring.


Tuesday 3:45-4:15pm

Leverage the latest technology for your financial regulation and reporting.

Presented by Anthony Compofelice, Utegration

With the increased scrutiny, complexity and importance of the Utility Regulatory Environment, it is more important than ever to have a clear understanding of your regulatory financial position. Utegration has paired our rigorous understanding of utility regulatory challenges with cutting edge technology to develop a native SAP Add-On that will help you gain a  precise, real-time view of your current regulatory position, test scenarios for growth, file and respond to rate cases more efficiently, and clearly communicate this information to your stakeholders. Join us and see what Utegration’s FinReg product is all about and learn how it can help your utility navigate the complex regulatory world.


Wednesday 10:15-10:45am

The evolution from consumer to prosumer and improving customer satisfaction with C/4HANA

Presented by Justus Talley, Utegration

The utilities industry is experiencing a change in how they approach and engage with their customers.  Join Justus Talley, Solutions Director, to discuss some of the present industry trends, methods of developing customer relationships, and the SAP C4C suite of tools to maximize customer relationship management. Position yourself to think differently about your CRM strategy in order to ensure more efficient and effective customer retention methods.


Wednesday 1:00-1:30pm

How to mature your data quality.

Presented by Debra Sanford, Tampa Electric Company and Tejas Shah, Utegration

Dirty data poses real risk to your customer experience and to your operational effectiveness.  Data quality management, an important component of data governance, addresses this risk.  Your journey to maturity of data quality initiatives begins with insight into your data and the risks it introduces.  Come hear how Tampa Electric partnered with Tejas Shah to gain that insight, define the challenges, and assess and monitor the data using Information Steward to take that first step towards maturity.


Wednesday 3:30-4:00pm

Planning and lessons learned from smart meter implementations.

Presented by Leann Kostek, Puget Sound Energy and Chris Bui, Utegration

An AMI mass deployment is a large and complex undertaking that requires a great deal of advanced planning and preparations, a ton of coordination, and a good dose of change management. Join this session to answer important questions surrounding mass deployments including: What are the key considerations in selecting and contracting with a meter installation vendor?  How should you plan in advance and mobilize for the mass deployment?  What are the lessons learned from prior roll-outs? 

Utegration Speaker Sessions

Why Successful AMI Projects Should Go Hand-in-Hand with Business Process Optimization & Automation

Oct 16 2018, 11:40 AM

With the dynamic and competitive nature of the energy marketplace along with ever-increasing customer expectations, the modern utility must strive to deliver high levels of customer service while operating in an efficient manner through well thought out business processes and innovative tools.  AMI (Advanced Metering Infrastructure) is one of those tools. To fully harness the power of AMI, the utility must not look at an AMI implementation as just another metering project driven by a single silo of the organization.  AMI is impactful across the entire organization and the project must be inclusive of all business process areas such as Billing, Customer Service, Operations, and Engineering.  In this session we will discuss how to approach an AMI project, how to effectively leverage technology to optimize and automate business processes, and how one utility is not only delivering operational efficiency, but also outstanding customer service and employee satisfaction with their AMI implementation. 

Key Business Benefits:

  • Automation of business processes

  • Increased operational efficiencies

  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction


Enabling SAP ISU for Smart City Initiatives

Oct 17 2018, 11:40 AM

The trend of all the light manufactures moving away from the traditional lights to LED lights triggered the potential to save operational cost by nearly 30% and made a compelling reason to deploy the new industry standard of LED lights. Additionally, the prospects of leveraging and extending the already existing smart meter mesh network to manage LED lights made it more attractive to move towards implementing SMART LED lights. Itron’s Street Light Vision product offered various features to enable and control the LED lights and was easily integrated with the existing SAP ISU system at Oklahoma Gas and Electric. This helped stream line work order process and automate existing business processes like remote disconnect/reconnect, maintenance order creation for lights based on specific events. In addition, the SL.V’s interface was be used by call center agents to identify non-working lights accurately. 

Key Business Benefits:

  • Reduce operation cost by 30%

  • Increase operational efficiencies

  • Ability to track assets in the field more efficiently

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