Project Management and Quality Assurance

PMO & QA is focused on delivering the optimal value for our clients through the various practices and engagement models that Utegration specializes in. 




Complex program delivery and quality assurance across green field implementations, maintenance services and micro sourcing delivery models.


Program Management

Combining our experiences from multiple AMI implementations we have developed strong background in complex program management involving multiple technologies and vendor stakeholders.


We take pride in instituting a stringent quality assurance program as part of our methodology that includes periodic reviews involving solution experts to ensure that we provide the most value for the client.



With our deep experience in project management area we can conduct very effective third party review of projects to validate that the project is managed well and uncover potential risks in a very unbiased and objective way.

Full Life Cycle Implementations

Our project management methodology lays down a solid foundation for delivering a full life cycle SAP implementation using industry proven techniques and templates.