Analytics as a Service


  • Business executives - CFO, Controllers, AMI Operations, Billing Operations (AMI Data Management), Distribution Operations and Planning, Customer Service

  • Any role that needs information to support decision making, planning, and risk assessment


  • Give us the data, ask us questions and we take care of the rest

  • Our focus: CIS, AMI, operations, OT data

Example use cases: 

  • Financial, revenue, unbilled revenue

  • Operations - improved design models, Power Quality analysis - i.e. voltage, Conservation Voltage reduction, Volt/Var Optimization

  • Customer service, satisfaction, bad debt, behaviors - Demand Side Management

  • Regulatory, compliance reporting

Pre-built Customer Relations and Billing Reporting 


Meter to Mail

  • Meter Read Order to Meter Read Upload

  • Meter Read Upload to Bill

  • Bill to Invoice

  • Invoice to Print

  • Print to Mail


Revenue Management

  • Billed Revenue Sales Statistics

  • Unbilled Revenue

  • Gross Margin

  • Revenue Leakage



  • Supercube - Reconciliation between GL and

  • Sub Ledger

  • Revenue Reconciliation

  • Receivable Reconciliation

  • Master Data Reconciliation

Credit & Collections

  • A/R Performance

  • Payment & Clearing

  • Dunning Analysis

  • Collection Agency Performance

  • Write Offs

master data.jpg

Master Data

  • Customers, Accounts, Contract, Premise

  • Equipments, Assets

  • GL, Chart of Accounts

  • 30+ Other Master Data EDW Objects

Customer Services

  • Customer Interactions

  • Services Work executions

  • Customer Satisfaction

  • Time to resolution

Advanced Analytics for Utilities 


Customer Engagement

  • Improve in competitiveness

  • Increase campaign effectiveness

  • Increases probability

  • Support financial reporting and other use cases

Customer Churn

  • New customers can cost five times more than retaining existing customers

  • Predict customers who are likely to churn

  • Implement effective of customer retention program

Credit & Collections

  • Lower bad debt expenses

  • Improved dunning strategy

  • Better customer service

  • More accurate bad debt forecast

  • Faster decision making, reduced operational cost

Real-Time Customer Scoring

  • High customer engagement

  • Reduce Churn

  • Improve Upsell Opportunity

  • Market the best product for the customer

  • Reduce AHT