Utegration Continues to Expand in the AMI Space with Another Successful AMI Project Go-Live

Utegration continues to expand our dominance in the AMI space with another successful AMI project go-live over the recent labor day weekend.  The project uniquely involves a multi-service public utility company with electric, gas, and water services.  The implemented solution integrates the following components:  SAP MDUS, Meter Data Management System (SIEMENS – EnergyIP) and Head-End System (Landis+Gyr Command Center).  This is the second AMI project go-live for Utegration in 2017, and more are expected.

The utility is an existing SAP shop who is fully utilizing core ERP functionality, SAP CR&B, UCES, and Process Integration (PI). 

The project lays the groundwork for the utility to realize the following benefits:  Improve bill accuracy, accelerate the speed of operations, increase utility system reliability, control revenue leakages, reduce operational cost, and improve overall customer service quality and customer satisfaction.  The project specifically delivered the following major capabilities:

  • Support installation, exchange, and removal of electric AMI meters and gas and water communication modules (both for mass deployment and for ongoing operations);
  • Full master data synchronization (including meter provisioning and commissioning) between the CIS and MDMS using MDUS functionality;
  • Enhanced exception monitoring for business processes orchestrated across the AMI solution landscape; 
  • Customer-requested deferral of AMI deployment;
  • Automated validation and estimation of daily register read and interval data in the MDMS;
  • Billing of residential customers using remotely-collected meter reads;
  • Billing of peak demand for C&I customers using bill determinants calculated from interval data;
  • On-demand meter status ping;
  • On-demand meter read request;
  • Remote disconnection and reconnection upon move-in, move-out, and dunning;
  • AMI meter/module event management and processing (including the automatic creation of service orders to address revenue-impacting and safety-related meter events); and
  • Ability for customer service representatives to analyze customer usage patterns directly from CRM.

Utegration’s expertise, leadership, and partnership/team approach helped to make the project a resounding success.