SAP CodeJam @ Utegration


The SAP CodeJam event was first launched in 2012 and over 400 events and 162 cities have taken place all over the world since then. SAP CodeJam is a 5 to 6 hours hands-on coding and networking event where attendees share their knowledge and collaboratively develop with SAP technologies, platforms and tools in a fun and casual environment. It's all about sharing knowledge, networking and generally having fun learning from other developers about a specific technology.

Utegration was honored to host this exclusive SAP CodeJam event here in Houston Texas to see how the developer community focused and supported by SAP, exploring technologies available through the SAP HANA Cloud Platform, SAP UI5, SAP Web IDE and SAP Gateway.

Day 1 - SAP UI5

Jonathan Baker from the SAP Developer Relations group recently led the CodeJam event at Utegration headquarters in Houston, Texas. The first day was spent learning SAP UI5 and getting started with HCP and Web IDE.


Before we jumped into the exercises, Jonathan briefly explained the theory behind SAP HANA, HANA Cloud Platform and SAPUI5. After setting up the working environment, we started our CodeJam journey. All the attendees were excited and ready to jump in to help out each other. At Utegration, we already had some people familiar with SAP UI5 based on their experience with the Reliant Call Center Redesign and First steps on the Road to HANA at FortisAlberta, but there were also people in attendance who were completely new to SAP Web IDE and spent most of their time doing ABAP.

Overall, it was a unique and valuable experience for every participant, no matter their background or experience level, since SAP is continuously evolving these new technologies.

The tutorials provided were very informative and easy-to-follow. Most of us were able to get Web IDE set up and have web pages loading data from Northwind OData source. The whole session was a great learning-by-doing process. While we were following the instructions building UI5 apps, we also had a good discussion about how SAP UI5 is an MVC model and how this model works for a web application.   


The first tutorial didn't take us too long since some of us are already experienced with SAP UI5. For those who finished quickly, Jonathan then encouraged us to try the great new HANA Cloud Platform Mobile tutorial (written by Jim Jaquet), which is another example of using UI5. The combination of both tutorials covers many UI5 Controls and helps to show how UI5 can be used for both web and mobile device development.

At the end of this productive day, we were excited to get the tutorial UI5 apps running on both mobile phones and laptops!

Day 2 - SAP Gateway

On the second day, Johnathan helped us move on to create our own OData service using SAP Gateway.

Though the recommended approach for OData service development in the most recent SAP NetWeaver releases is to use CDS views, there are still a number of use cases where code based service implementation is a valid option.


After all the participants got their working environments setup, including SAPGUI, SAP Web IDE, ABAP Development Tools for Eclipse, and Jonathan got everyone introduced with a general presentation about SAP Gateway, we started building our own Gateway service with the awesome blog tutorial post: Part 1Part 2.

It was really thrilling to see how enthusiastic our participants were and how well we followed the great documentation provided to actually build the service using SAP products.

Throughout the whole session, Jonathan not only provided us guidance on the topic but also best practices based on his extensive experience, which was highly appreciated and very helpful to us.  This is not something you can get by walking through the tutorial material and exercises by yourself, so all the attendees were grateful for his expertise.

This two-day event is obviously too short to cover all the cool features that SAP products have to provide, but it definitely motivated us to use and explore these great SAP tools further on our own.  Based on our overwhelmingly positive experience, we eagerly anticipate bringing other CodeJam events to Utegration in the near future.


Event photos