FINREG - Financial and Regulatory Solution for Utilities

Our FINREG solution, based on SAP S/4HANA and Central Finance, provides real-time FERC accounting (aligned with Finance) and cost flow traceability with a unified journal entry, which can help reduce regulatory lag.



"Regulatory lag costs utilities millions every day."

- Utility Controller





manual reporting

Regulatory reports are created manually (typically in Excel) based on disparate financial plans and systems, which is time consuming and results in data duplication.

lack of TracKability

When regulators or interveners have questions during a rate case, it can take weeks or more to trace figures back to find that detail – and every day of delay matters.



Improving Rate Cases with FINREG, S/4HANA, and a Universal Journal Entry

  • Develop and enhance your regulatory strategy and plans with efficient what-if analysis
  • Spend more time on analysis and less time on gathering and creating
  • Introduce automation to regulatory filings
  • Answer Requests for Information more efficiently
  • More thorough responses
  • Support data requirements for expert witnesses and RFI’s
  • Respond to Intervener & PUC challenges
  • Are we within the range of allowable regulatory ROR?
  • Are my costs too high - do I need to file a new rate case?


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