Utegration FINREG - The Financial and Regulatory Solution

FinReg, developed by Utegration, is the premier financial, regulatory, and property accounting extension to SAP S/4HANA for Utility Industry. It gives Utilities a powerful tool with a real-time capabilities based on Universal Journal of S/4HANA, the ability to have clear insight into their complex O&M and Capital cost flows, in both Financial and Regulatory views, and the information to make effective and efficient Financial & Regulatory Planning decisions, as well as a clear understanding of the company’s asset infrastructure

FinReg can also simplify the complicated and unwieldly challenges of your existing Regulatory Reporting and Analytics processes giving you the ability to perform better analytics & scenario analysis, enable efficient reporting, streamline rate case processes, and communicate the clearest and most accurate story to your key stakeholders.


Provide Accurate and Efficient Regulatory Reporting and Analytics in Real Time


How long does it take your organization to populate, verify, and file a FERC Report?

Would a 50% - 75% reduction in this time allow your team to concentrate on more strategic analysis?


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Is your current Planning Model taking into account all possible scenario outcomes?

What if you could perform multiple analysis, in real time, and plan for the unknown?


Understand the impact of capital and O&M decisions.

Predict the best course of action based on real-time and accurate financial information.

Choose the most efficient regulatory path BEFORE making any decisions.

Does your Rate Case Team get overburdened with case preparation?

Can real time, accurate data decrease their load and enable deeper analytics?

 Utilize Utegration’s FINREG, real time data, and the power of S/4 Cloud to:

  • File in less time, increasing time-to-revenue

  • Reduce resource man-hours by over 50%

  • Save over $1 MM* per rate case filing


*Based on Rate Case Filing Team of 20 resources at $125k/person

Does your Property Accounting Solutions provide the needed functionality AND fully integrate with your SAP system?


*Based on Rate Case Filing Team of 20 resources at $125k/person

  • Full SAP Integration without replication

  • Complete and enhanced Property Accounting Capabilities

  • Integrated Reporting Functionality

  • Cost of Investment