Reliant Retention Call Center UX Transformation

Project Highlight

Reliant Retention CCUX Transformation project to help reduce training, handling time, agent attrition and at the same time increase agent satisfaction and first call resolution. Utegration headed the systems integrator to implement the overall solution at NRG.  Utegration introduced a semi-agile implementation approach to the project, by grouping components into deliverable packages.

Client Profile

Reliant has nearly 3 million recurring retail customers serviced by about 10,000 employees.

Solutions / Products

SAPUI5 (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript), OData, CRM IC integration


Key Objective 

  • Increase operational efficiencies by providing transformational customer experience to the business organization (refer to customer benefits below).


  • Redesigning CRM Interaction Center with SAP UI5 § Telephony integration.
  • SAPUI5 skill set.
  • Adaptability to changes.


  • Reduce New Hire Training
  • Reduce Average Handling Time
  • Reduce Agent Attrition
  • Increase Agent Satisfaction
  • Increase First Call Resolution

Implementation Highlights

NRG's call center solutions needed a fresh appearance, new structure and improved functional presentation of the content. NRG engaged an external design firm to re-engineer the front-end interface to optimize NRG’s resources by using visual ergonomics best practices. Utegration was selected as the prime systems integrator to implement the overall solution at NRG.

Diagram 1 shows the entire User Experience (UX) Journey of NRG’s call center transformation initiative. Utegration worked closely with NRG and external design firm to align the business content (wireframes) to SAP’s UX strategy; performing analysis, research and validation with SAP. 

Diagram 1: UX Journey

Diagram 1: UX Journey

Utegration introduced a ‘semi-agile’ implementation approach (as illustrated in diagram 2) to the project, by grouping components into deliverable packages. This allows the project team to rollout portions of the overall functionality over a controlled and staggered timeline to the business users to perform UAT. Other benefits:

  • Increased collaboration between Business and IT.
  • Addresses risks on Change Management; users are not acquainted with new functionalities towards the end of the project.
  • Enabled NRG to demo a ‘sneak-peak’ of the end result through town hall meetings (facilitate Corporate Communication) 
Diagram 2: Semi-agile Approach 

Diagram 2: Semi-agile Approach