Automated Testing Solution Implementation


Developed an integrated automated testing solution for over 25 core Human Resources processes in HCM, ensuring that core functionality would work during SAP software support pack upgrades. 



Fortune 500 Utility Provider with a 8,000 Plus Employee Workforce.



Automate core testing processes for Human Resources, including building organizations, hiring employees, time entry, and time approval to be run during SAP support and enhancement packs. The end-to-end integration test must manage multiple security roles and functions handing data off from one functional test to another to enable the validation of core business processes.  The scripts must have the ability to run in many different SAP environments from development, QA, and multiple project landscapes.



Existing SAP human resource testing security roles did not exist, and development and QA security access was limited to the HCM IT support staff. By working closely with the HR IT team, the tests functioned not only on a unit test level, but in a fully integrated test solution.



Customer has a fully automated solution, a series of functional automated test scripts, combined into an end-to-end integrated test script that runs outside of working hours and eliminates manual testing time.