AMI MDUS Integration Implementation


  • SAP AMI MDUS Integration & CIS Enablement
  • AMI Meter Deployment 


Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation(MTEMC) distributes electricity to residential and business members in a four-county area directly south and east of metropolitan Nashville.


Enablement of the following processes:

  • Master data synchronization and reconciliation
  • Meter Usage data collection and VEE
  • Billing
  • Remote disconnections and reconnections
  • Meter status ping & on demand reads
  • Meter event management
  • AMI meter deferral / opt out
  • Process exceptions & control
  • Conversion of pre-deployed meters
  • Mass deployment preparations


  • Customizations required to replace SAP AMI bulk messages with single messages.
  • Master data corrections required manual intervention.
  • Performance tuning required to improve mass synchronizations.
  • Different meter read reason required different read selection to accommodate business requirement.


  • Master data synchronization using standard MDUS AMI services (EhP6). 
  • Bill customers using remote meter reads and interval data with > 99% read reliability.
  • Support remote disconnect and reconnect for account delinquencies and customer moves.
  • Support customer service with meter status and on demand reads.
  • Manage and handle meter issues through meter events.
  • Exception monitoring to manage and process AMI exceptions.
  • Comprehensive custom framework to manage AMI meter deployment.


  • Standard synchronization in real time improves performance and reduces implementation time and cost.
  • Exception monitoring improved efficiency of managing AMI exceptions.
  • AMI meters with 99% read reliability improved billing rate.
  • Billing of consumption/demand with interval data with same meter type saves cost on procurement.
  • Meter deployment tool improved the efficiency of order completion and success rate of meter exchanges.


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