Solution Overview


Utegration has turned our focus to the emerging SAP solution, S/4HANA.  Whether it’s cloud or on-prem we have the experience and knowledge to help you develop and deploy a S/4HANA transformation roadmap.


What we do

Evaluate the organization's current SAP environment, business processes, and modules utilized

What We offer

Provide an efficient and structured approach to assess your current environment and determine a Roadmap to S/4HANA that is the least disruptive, generates the most value, and provides the greatest return on your SAP investment.

What are our results

The insight gained during an assessment will help your organization understand S/4HANA upgrade options, opportunities, potential risks, and areas for improvement.


Primary Objectives


Educate key stakeholders regarding the S/4HANA solution roadmap


Understand what an S/4HANA migration means to your enterprise

Business Value

Identify value drivers and business case

Your Plan

Chart your path forward and begin socializing and preparing today


Base Line and Comprehensive Assessment Packages are Offered