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Utilities face ever-increasing scrutiny from regulatory bodies and stakeholders to justify financial performance, rate changes and infrastructure investments.


When regulators query assertions made in a rate case filing, the utility must be able to succinctly demonstrate the reasoning by providing detailed statistics based on measurable data – not samples and assumptions.

Simultaneously, utility executives must explain revenue performance to the market and other key stakeholders.

In order to gain such insight into the behavior of their system, utilities must first segment the data from their smart grid.

Solution Overview

Utegration LoadPlanning4U™ demand analysis solution simplifies the process of network design, rate design and rate case submission by providing granular insight to a utility’s system load using real-time AMI data.

Value Drivers


Based on real-time interval data, LoadPlanning4U provides near real-time views of system load ensuring a timely analysis of system load behavior.


Understand change and weather

Contains a detailed weather response function capability which defines how system segments respond to variation in temperature and its subsequent impact on system load.


Custom segmentation

Support specification of custom segmentations allowing the utility to view load behavior by various types of data including: network assets (feeder, substation, etc.); customer data (such as account class and grid point of delivery); as well as geographic and socioeconomic segmentation.


Self-service reporting

Enables self service reporting for senior management who need detailed analysis of system load behavior.

Process Innovation

Real-time interval data, not sampling

  • Reporting is based on the full series of real-time interval data and not just a small sample subset. This results in increased accuracy and identification of trends which was simply not available using the sampling approach.

Bulletproof cost allocation and rate design

  • By understanding behavior of various system segments, utilities can allocate costs with confidence while ensuring that no cross-segment rate subsidization occurs.

System load reporting based on actual interval data provides detailed segmentation and ensures accurate cost allocation.

Technology Innovation

  • Provides system-wide reporting based on actual interval data using SAP HANA®
  • Utilizes ‘cold storage’ for infrequently accessed data to reduce cost of ownership
  • Customizable processing engine allows for custom segmentation of data to support various user groups
  • Integrated with Enterprise Active Directory for secure access control

LoadPlanning4U leverages SAP HANA in-memory database technology as well as parallel technologies to provide reporting based on interval data set collected from smart meters.

Our Reporting Package

LoadPlanning4U includes several pre-built reports:

  • Regulatory load study
  • Customer growth playback
  • Annual change analysis
  • Energy efficiency trend report
  • Transmission voltage customer reporting
  • Many more


What’s next?

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