Mobius Customer


Customers have expectations that they can interact with their utility online (in a user-friendly manner) to be able to pay their bill, view their balance, track usage, make service requests and report outages to utility providers


Customer calls into call centers are a high cost channel for utilities – even for a routine request (such as paying a bill or reporting an outage)

Solution Innovation

  • Provides customers with a user-friendly experience to interact with their utility online to complete standardized tasks like paying their bill, viewing their balance, and making requests, which helps to reduce calls into the call center, and in turn, reduces costs
  • Simplifies multiple touch points across devices (including mobile, tables, and web-based browsers)
  • Generates usability data and tracking statistics to provide utilities with more actionable business intelligence insights to help improve interactions
  • Leverages U15 to create a more user-friendly experience that can be customized for each utility client’s individual requirements

Value Drivers

  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Reduces calls into customer service
  • Offers additional product and services
  • Improves receivables by enabling online payments

Deployment Options

SAP Cloud Platform

Solution Environment

Multichannel Foundation
NetWeaver Gateway (on-premise only)

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