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Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) promises to transform your business, but traditional AMI solution architectures involve separate MDM systems. This disjointed approach is costly to implement, run and maintain and limits the benefits possible from AMI.


Legacy MDM solutions evolved as separate systems because CIS solutions in the past couldn’t handle high-volume metered data. This outdated architecture became a disparate, duplicative, and non-value-added technology stack that greatly increases the overall integration burden.

It also elongates business processes and makes them more error-prone. This legacy meter data management approach severely curbs the benefits of AMI via the unnatural segregation of AMI data from infrastructure and customer data.

Solution Overview

Utegration MeterData4U™ CIS-embedded MDM simplifies meter data management and business process orchestration, and helps optimize your total cost of ownership.

The solution has achieved SAP Certification for integration with SAP S/4HANA.

Value Drivers

Reduce solution complexity and cost

Eliminate the middle non-value-added technology stack that the traditional MDM employs. Save on hardware, platform, product licensing, implementation/ integration cost, plus ongoing support costs.


Enhance customer service

Become a more empathetic utility and be more relevant to your customer. Leverage the MeterData4U platform to: launch proactive bill alerts based upon configurable thresholds; warn your customers of potential water leakage problems…the possibilities are endless.


Accelerate meter-to-cash and field operations

Streamline your meter-to-cash processes by reducing systems, handoffs, and wait steps and eliminating integration / synchronization exceptions. Increase productivity of your revenue analysts with the reduction in architectures and data models, logins, terminologies, disparate and duplicative screens, etc.


Help SAP S/4HANA technology help you

Wonder no more about how SAP S/4HANA can deliver value with your customer services and billing operations. MeterData4U unites two disparate sets of data—AMI data and commercial data—and births endless use cases for leveraging the processing power of SAP to not only do the right thing but to do it faster.

Process Innovation

Make informed decisions with usage estimates

  • Unification of  both the meter the customer data supports accurate AMI estimation and validation

Accelerate billing

  • Unite bill determinant calculation and bill computation in one system
  • Eliminate handoffs across systems and the inherent wait steps and exceptions

Depreciation and Depreciation Study

  • Support utility-specific reserve assets
  • Reports that support utilities’ annual depreciation study

Turn insight into immediate action

  •  Create service orders immediately when SAP S/4HANA analytics detects network or other data collection issues
  • Create customer notifications when analytics detects a potential leakage problem

Run your business faster.  Minimize your exceptions.  Make more intelligent decisions. Be more relevant to your customer.

Technology Innovation

Turbocharge your MDM and enrich your data

  • Leverage the power of SAP S/4HANA for lightning-fast execution of unified MDM and billing processes
  • AMI data is meaningless without customer and infrastructure data. Combine them and open up endless use cases; simplify data orchestration and needless synchronizations

Unwind your tangled web of interfaces

  • Eliminate 60 to 80 complex interfaces; eliminate future custom integrations to synchronize data to disjointed solutions as use cases evolve

Do more with SAP

  • Consolidate access and security control in SAP for more coherent management strategy

Translate technology into better business. Your best-in-class CIS platform will do so much more.

Our Reporting Strategy

MeterData4U employs a two-pronged approach to AMI reporting:

  • Real-time and near-real-time operational reporting is enabled within your CIS with SAP S/4HANA
    • This maximizes the ability to turn insight to immediate and relevant action
    • We deliver use cases like:
      • Meter read management
      • Validation and estimation
      • KPIs
      • Customizable billing, operations and deployment dashboards
  • Analytical reporting is supported in an analytics solution of your choice:
    • MeterData4U publishes the metered data as a service immediately after VEE (Validation, Estimation and Editing)
    • Utegration LoadPlanning4U™ solution supports load planning use cases
    • Utegration can help transform your enterprise analytics solution to process and store the AMI data and implement AMI analytical use cases

What’s next?

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