Simplify AMI to Lower Costs and Improve Customer Experience


Utilities are looking to transform their business with AMI technology.  They will spend many millions on the investment in the hardware, network, and IT systems.  Stakeholders demand monumental returns for the monumental investment. How will you deliver?


  • The traditional AMI solution architecture is sprawling, outdated, and very complex
  • The overall solution is costly to implement/integrate and costly to maintain
  • Business processes must be orchestrated across multiple diverse solutions; exceptions and delays are common
  • AMI and customer/infrastructure data area segregated in silos, thus limiting the ability of technology to truly transform

Solution Innovation

  • CIS-embedded MDM solution within SAP greatly reduces solution complexity
  • Eliminate the MDM as a separate, unneeded technology stack with its own:
    • IT complexity:  Licensing, servers, OS and other technology, integration, requisite support entourage and skillsets
    • Business complexity:  Logons, data model, terminology, business procures
  • Aligned with SAP’s HANA strategy

Value Drivers

  • CIO:  Much simplified AMI infrastructure; less costly to acquire, maintain, and support; reduction of implementation risk through complicity
  • Revenue & Operations Directors:  Reduce process complexity, delays, and duplicative activities; reduce overall exceptions; leverage unified AMI and commercial data to drive timely insight-to-action

Customer Services Director:  Unleash the power of AMI + customer unified data to upgrade the customer experience

Solution Environment

  • Leverages SAP CR&B solution (with MDUS)
  • SAP Netweaver Gateway
  • SAP Process Orchestration

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