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More utilities are making significant investments in AMI. To justify this investment, regulators and other stakeholders expect significant operational and customer benefits. Most utilities target the reduction of truck rolls, billing improvements, efficiency programs and better customer engagement – but is that enough? Industry experts believe that many utilities don’t fully realize / maximize benefits due to the failure to leverage advanced AMI reporting and analytics. How will utilities 1) capture these benefits and 2) measure those benefits to demonstrate the value to stakeholders?


An AMI implementation involves contracting multiple vendors to deliver various key technology components, and each of these vendors will push their own point solutions for limited usage case deliver. Quick buying decisions here without alignment to any long-term enterprise strategy can result in uncontrolled technology proliferation, data governance issues, and the failure to achieve economies of scale with the investment in solutions and tools. Benefits realization suffers as a result of this unfocused strategy.

On the other end of the spectrum, some utilities become ensnared in analysis paralysis, are unable to achieve quick consensus among the various stakeholders with different objectives and priorities, or simply lack the expertise or insight with AMI to turn this precious repository of AMI data into shiny benefits that can be showcased with stakeholders.

Some utilities simply haven’t budgeted enough funds to provision the infrastructure and fund the solution build out.

Solution Overview

MeterAnalytics4U is an AMI reporting and analytics solution that offers a firm foundation as a utility is initially establishing its footing with AMI; the solution then continues to support all of the reporting and analytic needs every step of the way on the utility’s long journey towards full AMI benefits realization.

The solution accelerates the task of establishing an enterprise approach to AMI analytics. It also takes the guess work out of the design of truly impactful AMI reporting because Utegration has channeled our lessons learned from our numerous past and ongoing AMI implementations. Those lessons learned were harnessed from our experiences with some of the very first (and largest) utilities to deploy AMI in North America and that have done very sophisticated analyses using the data.

MeterAnalytics4U establishes an analytics foundation with the first use case bundle that the utility deploys. Additional use case bundles can then be gradually purchased and activated as the utility reaches deployment and advances down that journey of AMI benefits realization.

MeterAnalytics4U provides “one-stop-shopping” for both operational and analytical AMI reporting through a web-based portal, sourcing the data from both the SAP CR&B solution (on HANA) as well as from a utility’s data lake or operational data store(s). The solution requires an application server and database repository and can be orchestrated as either an on-premise or cloud solution (leveraging AWS). The product delivers pre-developed reports and supports “bring-your-tool” to enable access to the data in accordance your current self-service reporting strategy.

For the utilities that haven’t budgeted for a large upfront investment, a software-as-a-service (SAAS) option is available to allow for immediate consumption of the service in bite-sized increments.

Value Drivers

Support your AMI deployment and daily operations

AMI mass deployment support and rich, pre-delivered reports designed with insight-to-action strategy to boost your meter-to-cash operations.


Enterprise approach to AMI analytics

Enterprise approach that unifies CIS, AMI, smart grid, and other data sources to achieve the richest possible data context to support use cases across your organizatio


    KPI and AMI benefits reporting

Take the pulse of your business operations. Measure and report on those AMI benefits to justify your investment.


Flexible on-premise and cloud orchestration

Find a solution orchestration approach that matches your organizational drivers and dynamics.


Functionality roadmap and vendor support

Your investment keeps generating benefits as you take advantage of Utegration’s vibrant roadmap for content and technology delivery as well as ongoing vendor support. Mange your transformers and distribution lines proactivity. Optimize power quality. Detect water land gas leakage. Boost EV usage. The future is bright with a robust AMI analytics platform.

Process Innovation

Don’t just report; Take action!

MeterAnalytics4U leverages an insight-to-action strategy to blur the lines between reporting and getting things done. Invoke ERP and CIS functions to create service orders, exception management cases, or initiate customer contacts. Activate a mass synchronization from the CIS if MDMS master data is out of sync.

Technology Innovation

  • Provides system-wide reporting based on actual interval data using SAP HANA®
  • Utilizes ‘cold storage’ for infrequently accessed data to reduce cost of ownership
  • Customizable processing engine allows for custom segmentation of data to support various user groups
  • Integrated with Enterprise Active Directory for secure access control

MeterAnalytics4U leverages SAP HANA in-memory database technology as well as parallel technologies to provide reporting based on interval data set collected from smart meters.

Our Reporting Package

MeterAnalytics4U includes the following use case bundles:

  • Daily Meter Operations and Mass Deployment
  • Enterprise Load Planning
  • AMI Benefits Tracking
  • Distribution System Reconciliation and Balancing


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