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TMG Utility Forum

Lively Open Discourse Positioned to Help Utility Companies Understand and Manage Change

TMG Consulting’s second annual TMG Utility Forum, Managing Disruption 2018, will be held at the Westin in Las Vegas, Nevada, October 2-3, 2018. Designed to facilitate collaboration and relationships, it will help utility professionals understand their changing industry, new and emerging business requirements, and customer and operational technologies to best support the business.

Who Should Attend

The Forum is designed for operations and customer-focused executive sponsors, directors, managers, and team members focused on:

  • IT and grid modernization projects (MDM, AMI, ERP, digital channels, platforms, mobility, data analytics, or asset management)

  • Cloud opportunities, challenges, and market penetration

  • Emerging customer expectations/customer satisfaction

  • Operational efficiencies

  • New revenue streams

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about important industry developments that will affect day-to-day operations

  • Discuss new and emerging business requirements

  • Learn about customer and operational technologies that will best support the business

  • Engage in honest discussions with vendor members of TMG’s research community who have shown a commitment to collaborative problem-solving

  • Hear multiple perspectives on important issues through formal vendor debates

  • Learn from other industries that are shaping customer expectations

Panel: Nailing Enterprise IT System Implementation

Enterprise IT system implementations have morphed over the years due to maturing products, improved methodologies and general migration to implement pre-built solutions as opposed to those that are developed in-house. Many implementation teams have taken lessons learned to fine-tune their methodologies to create a repetitive approach that reduces project timelines, manages risk and potentially reduces costs.  While this may sound straightforward, there are many factors that continue to change the landscape of implementations. Introducing new challenges can have a direct impact on the end result including failed or prolonged projects, budget overruns and excessive post go-live exceptions.

During this session, the panel will discuss implementation methods and lessons learned to to help attendees understand the recipe for success. Key areas of discovery include:

·         Various implementation approaches including agile, waterfall and hybrid approaches to cloud, on-premise and hosted solutions

·         Where they have proven to be successful (or not)

·         How they differ when implementing a cloud, on-premises vs hosted

·         Modern project pitfalls that influence the outcome of the project

·         The do’s and don’ts for implementing a true product solution

·         The big “asks” of the utility project team

·         Challenges with implementing cloud/hosted solutions during implementation and post go-live

Speaker TBD, HCL Technologies
David Head, Managing Director, Utegration
Mac Underwood, General Manager, Birmingham Water Works

Pam Glanvill, COO, TMG Consulting

Mac Underwood

Mac Underwood

David Head

David Head