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Why Going Paperless with Mobius Field Makes Sense for Your Business

User-experience-driven design in mobile applications enables today's workforce to efficiently and effectively complete assignments both while connected to a network or in offline capacity. To address the challenges of completing work in the field, Utegration developed and released Mobius Field, supporting paperless work execution.

Mobius Field, available on the SAP App Center, is a SAP EAM integrated mobile work management application enabling technicians to manage their assigned orders, navigate to destinations, view relevant site information, receive real-time updates and track their work time.

Join Utegration's Dennis Kurlandski, Director of Digital and Asset Work Management to overview the business benefits of Utegration’s Mobius Field with regard to data quality, operations, reporting and end-user engagement, and Chris Kuehl, SAP Work Management Consultant, for a live demo of the Mobius Field tool.