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Smart Meter Data & the Next Generation Enterprise Data Platform

In this pre-recorded webinar, Daniel Sumners, CenterPoint Energy, and Henry Le, Utegration, explain how SAP HANA and Hadoop help build a smart meter data foundation, not only to store and analyze energy data efficiently, but also to help utility companies establish an enterprise wide data platform for future corporate wide use cases. Access recording here

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How Utilities Can Use Machine Learning for Bad Debt Control

Bad debt control can be considered a use case under the umbrella of revenue protection. It can result in hard dollar value, making it easier to show the benefits of the project. Continue reading


Blockchain and Five Ways It Could Change the Utilities Industry

Over $1B of Venture Capital funding was poured into blockchain technology in 2014 and 2015, and the rate is doubling annually. Around the world organizations like Goldman Sachs are scrambling to figure out the impact of blockchain in their business. Can they capitalize on it or will they be disrupted by it? Continue reading

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Designed to tackle your most challenging Big Data hurdles. By leveraging the power of SAP HANA, LoadPlanning4U™ imports data from all enterprise applications, organizes it into meaningful tables, and allows business users to glean useful information about anything from operations to customers.



A new breed of two-tier integrated Meter Data Management (MDM) solution providing simplified SAP AMI roll out and support, as well as deeper analytical insight into metering and customer data.



Our team helps you solve some of your biggest business problems using advanced analytics and your data. You gain the ability to predict future outcomes for insightful planning and risk assessment.


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