ERP & EAM Practice

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) software allows you to evaluate your company’s assets and finances to determine the need for upgrades, maintenance, decommissioning, or replacement. Utegration’s ERP and EAM practice provides expert knowledge in the design, implementation, and use of SAP to manage assets and optimize operations for quality and efficiency.



Our practice focuses on the core business functions that are so vital to any company.  We bring unsurpassed knowledge and experience to improving, enhancing, or expanding SAP functionality within core ERP & EAM.


Financial Planning and Reporting

Whether it is long-term planning or day to day financial operations and reporting, Utegration has the experience help you.  We have extensive experience in using Business Process and Consolidation (BPC) for project evaluation, budgeting and reporting.  We have early experience on S4/HANA, Simple Finance and Central Finance working closely with SAP.  We are also acknowledged experts at Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) functionality and reporting. 


EAM and Logistics

We are industry leaders in the use of SAP for EAM and Logistics, including extensive experience in core plant maintenance, project systems and materials management functions as well as compatible units, Ariba, and mobility.  Our experience over many implementations allows us to explain the advantages and trade-offs of using ERP and third party functionality in various ways, allowing the client to make the best decision based on experience and knowledge rather than hype.