Enterprise Load Analysis

Enterprise Load Analysis was designed to tackle your most challenging Big Data hurdles. By leveraging the power of SAP HANA, Enterprise Load Analysis provides a user friendly visualization and modeling tool designed to help utilities get more value out of their smart meter data. 



"To accurately forecast and analyze load, it’s critical to know how changes in weather and consumer behavior impact demand." - Utility Forecasting Analyst





Typical Approach

Utilities typically utilize a sampling or “top down” approach to analyze and predict load, which has limitations and is less accurate than analyzing data from all smart meters.

Need for Better Predictions

Weather variability, coupled with recent trends in consumer behavior, energy efficiency, and consumer-side generation are making sampling methods less effective and increasing forecasting errors (energy generated from rooftop solar panels is not as reliable and predictable compared to traditional power sources, for example).



Solution Innovation



Value Drivers





  • Run weather normalization to understand whether it’s a good week or month, and how much of it was caused by the weather
  • Make Year-over-year comparison; also can identify which region or customer class caused the good or bad result
  • Calculate the base load to understand the growth of customer base and decrease caused by energy efficiency


  • With solid weather response functions, input hourly weather forecast to get customer load forecast and grid load forecast
  • As the trending of new customer load, customer base growth, energy efficiency influence are available, long term forecast is also possible



  • Understand the completeness of the weather data
  • Identify the exceptional hourly temperature to gain trust on the data