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Our clients power North America

Utegration’s expertise crosses electric, gas, and water segments of the utility industry and includes clients across North America providing generation, transmission, distribution, retail, and water services.

With distinct, value-add practice areas, you can do the work that helps our clients power North America. Explore your areas of interest and expand your personal and professional life.

Intelligent Enterprise Managed Services

Optimize, implement and maintain systems to ensure stability, reliability, and business continuity.

Smart Meter and Analytics

Implementing powerful Big Data solutions coupled with real-time, analytical modeling that helps our clients unlock the value of their data.

Customer Engagement & Digital Transformation

Designing and delivering business solutions that help our clients re-magine the customer experience with personalized consumer interaction.

Finance, Planning, and Regulatory

Deliver custom SAP Application for Finance and Regulatory Accounting.

Customer Relationships & Billing and AMI

Transform Utilities’ Customer Information, Billing Systems, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, and full CR&B suites.

Project Management, QA, and Testing

Driving Complex program delivery and industry leading methodologies across all of Utegration’s green field and legacy implementations.

Asset Management & Digital Core

Provide design, implementation, and maximization of SAP solutions to manage assets and optimize operations for quality and efficiency.

Platform & Technology

Delivering custom solutions that underpin the SAP Landscape and our client's complete IT ecosystem.

In-House Product Development

Create and Build bleeding-edge and industry driving, In-House Utility Software Applications.

Do the work that matters

Utegration provides consulting and solutions to the utilities industry in North America

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