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Life at Utegration

We couldn’t be prouder of being named a Top Workplace USA 2023, or the specific award designations we received: Innovation, Employee Appreciation, Leadership, and Purpose & Values.

These provide a little insight into what life is like at Utegration.


Unique in Culture

In the words of Utegration’s founder, Bin Yu, “growing a business is no different than growing a person." Utegration is focused on its employees’ career development, providing our employees with the necessary tools and training in order to be successful in their careers. Are you working on developing your professional skills at a company that truly cares about the success of its employees? Start and end your search today with Utegration.

Utegration is built on individuals who strive to represent the core values of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. If you have these core values, then we are looking for you!

United in Diversity

At Utegration, we believe diversity and inclusion is what drives our culture and evolution as a company. With our humble beginnings as a small, minority owned business to today, as an industry powerhouse, we continue to assemble experts from all walks of life. As a human capital solutions provider, cultural, gender, and personal diversity, coupled with specific expertise powers our evolution and growth.

Our diverse workforce allows us to deliver unique perspectives in the market to drive quality execution and our growth. Come find your place at Utegration!

Do work that matters

Utegration provides cutting edge, enterprise solutions to the North American utility market.

Jobs at Utegration

2023 U.S. Utilities Transformation Study

What would you like to learn from utilities who have already completed business transformation projects? Utegration teamed up with our data migration partner, Natuvion, to document “lessons learned” in an effort to help utilities who are about to embark on their own transformation. Download the study to get details about the full transformation project journey.