Customer Relationship & Billing and AMI

CR&B – AMI Practice focuses on transforming Utilities’ Customer Information, Billing System, and Automated Metering Infrastucture (AMI).




The Practice brings the best and innovative solution based on years of utility industry experience.  The Practice works in close collaboration with SAP.  In the AMI space the practitioners are the best in the industry who were part of the Lighthouse council and defined SAP’s AMI solution.


ISU (Industry solution for Utilities)

SAP Utilities (IS-U) component is a sales and information system that supports all business processes and utility services of a utility company.

AMI (mdus)

An advanced metering infrastructure is a two-way communication network. (AMI) Meter Data Unification and Synchronization system (MDUS system) is SAP's AMI integration framework.


What we've achieved

Billing Icon.jpg

Billing Migration Project from Legacy Application to SAP CR&B

Utegration oversaw a 1.5 year billing migration project from legacy systems to SAP to maximize software maintenance and production support by collapsing multiple IT support teams.

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AMI MDUS Integration Implementation

MTEMC distributes electricity to residential and business members in a four-county area directly south and east of metropolitan Nashville.

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