Utegration Has Selected SAP S/4 HANA Cloud, Hybris Cloud for Customer, and Concur Travel Expense Management

Utegration is thrilled to announce the decision to implement SAP’s latest ERP, S/4HANA Cloud, Hybris Cloud for Customer, and Concur Business Travel & Expense Management. The contract was signed in the midst of the excitement at the 2017 SAP Sapphire Conference. Utegration was a first time Ruby sponsor and was able to meet with all of our utility clients that attended. Bin Yu, President and CEO of Utegration, shared why we chose SAP and what to expect going forward. His key message is that Utegration is proud of how we are helping our customers and wants to tell them that we are now an SAP customer.

Bin Yu, Utegration’s President and CEO signs contract with Sal Laher, SAP’s Global COO S4 Cloud & Roger Egle, SAP’s Account Executive

Bin Yu, Utegration’s President and CEO signs contract with Sal Laher, SAP’s Global COO S4 Cloud & Roger Egle, SAP’s Account Executive

The Utegration team celebrating the contract signing at Sapphire

The Utegration team celebrating the contract signing at Sapphire

Why did we ultimately see that SAP was the best solution?

Most solutions in the market that we looked at are fully capable of delivering what we need. However, we are the SAP consulting and solution firm, and if we don't have faith in SAP products, how can we serve our customers successfully? Another key factor in selecting SAP is because of our employees. They demonstrated SAP and convinced the leadership team it was the best choice. What solidified the decision was our employees’ knowledge and passion for the product and the company.

Why does Utegration need these solutions?

We have experienced so much growth so quickly that we had an urgent need for a new integrated system. As part of our strategy for the year, we decided to evaluate an ERP system. The ERP will assist the back office and operations as it includes robust financials and expense systems as well as time and resource management systems.

We have experienced the same thing that our clients have, and are now implementing the integrated solution and change management that we recommend for them.

From a business perspective, what are the benefits?

The new system enables real-time decisions, makes employee lives easier, and increases reporting accuracy. For senior leadership, it provides immediate information about how the company is running. This is not just beneficial for reporting, but gives instantaneous information about what projects our employees are they working on, billable utilization, and resource management. Concur makes employees’ lives easier with more accurate and easy to reconcile expenses.

We are in a unique position that we are a partner that sells and implements SAP, and now we are buying and using SAP. We are proud to be able to implement this ourselves, and are confident in our abilities as the best in the market place. We will be able to use this experience to better support our clients and maintain our leadership position in the marketplace.

From a technical perspective what are the benefits?

From the technology standpoint, we wanted to pick the software that benefits our practice. It enhances people’s knowledge and career, and gives our employees confidence and firsthand knowledge for our own customers.

Why did we chose a cloud based solution?

We recognize that there is a major technology shift to cloud. Compared to an on premise implementation, it uses a different implementation methodology and has quicker time to value. We see a benefit to using cloud ourselves and think more clients will also move to the cloud.

What is the high level timeline for this project?

The first phase is the C4C implementation, which is targeted to go-live in early August. The ERP side is scheduled to be completed by January 2018.

What are the challenges that you see with this project?

We are passionate about SAP solutions and are confident our team can overcome any challenges. However, just like our clients experience, the biggest organizational challenge is change management and getting our employees to embrace the transformation.