A Conversation with Dennis Kurlandski, Managing Director - Finance and Asset Performance Management

Dennis Kurlandski, Managing Director - Finance and Asset Performance Management shares his insights and thoughts about Utegration’s strategic focus on asset management.

What brought you to Utegration? Can you tell us a little bit about your professional background and experience?

I was at SAP for 10 years, during which time I worked with several members of Utegration’s leadership team. The SAP utility ecosystem is small, so when you connect with people who do a good job and do all the right things, you want to build a network of like-minded individuals. After SAP,  I spent time in a senior manager role for Accenture.


Can you summarize the focus of your practice group, in a nutshell?

Coming to Utegration, my directive has been to build and sell a work management practice. We’re starting a new line of business at Utegration that includes enterprise asset management which I am very excited about. We have broad solution experience across a variety of platforms (the total years of experience across the four leaders of the practice group is about 95 years), and we are currently building out a great team to support this expanding practice area.


What are some of major utility industry trends affecting your practice area today?  Thoughts on trends that might affect your practice area in the future?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a big focus right now. A lot of what IoT represents is something the industry has been doing and talking about for years, but these ideas are just now getting formalized into this “IoT” concept, with platforms and solutions built around it. Leaders in the industry are heavily investing in this area; Gartner did a business review, and IoT was one of the growth areas identified.

While we are not going to reinvent the IoT wheel, we want to leverage the billions of dollars companies like GE have put into IoT technology to find our own niche and do good work there. Everybody and every industry defines IoT differently. For our industry, and in my opinion, it refers to all of the information and connected objects or devices that help us manage or plan around our utility company clients’ assets. It is a convergence of asset performance management, asset performance planning, and our new digital, connected world. How can utilities leverage access to the connected world, and what should they do with their Big Data? We are looking at IoT solutions such as scheduling dispatch mobility, the mobile field worker, etc.

For a more detailed breakdown of IoT technology and how it affects utilities, see our blog post here.


What is your long-term vision for your practice group?

When Utegration was first formed, the company started small and found a unique niche where they could add value and expand their name recognition. This aligns well with my vision for our practice group. I look at 2017 as a building year, where we will look expand our team (To view Utegration’s current openings, click here) and find that niche – whether it is in IoT or elsewhere. We’d like to use this year to build momentum and form a strategy that puts us in a great position in the market going forward.


As new a member of the Utegration family, what do you believe sets Utegration apart, or what drew you to Utegration initially?

Having worked at large companies and now at a mid-size company like Utegration, I enjoy that we do not have to deal with the red tape that slows bigger corporations down. We can be very creative and empowered at the business level to get things done quickly and with fewer constraints. Utegration is also growing– and it is an exciting time to be a part of the Utegration family.