Interview Series: Holly Childs, Project Manager & Manager of HCM & Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE)

How long have you been at Utegration, and how did you first get involved with the company?

I have been at Utegration since January 2014. My boss knew Bin Yu and Eric Polnau and arranged an interview with Bin.  Based on my background, I was brought in as a project manager and to start the Utegration Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) and HCM practices.  I have been overseeing the TCoE and Project Training team, which falls under Utegration’s Project Management Organization (PMO) Quality Assurance area.

Can you explain in simple terms what each area of your responsibility does at Utegration?

The TCoE works on establishing the quality and performance of our implementations and tests the systems to be sure we deliver based on what we have promised.

The Training team works with our clients ensuring that the client knows how to follow the new and adjusted processes and properly use the new system functionality. This is for both the business and IT side, but many times we train the IT side who in turn trains the business users.  We cover the creation of training materials, cheat sheets, process flows, formalized classroom training, and guided instruction open learning times.

The HCM team works with clients to support their SAP HCM On-Premise and SuccessFactors systems for both client project work and for AMS support.

What are some of the industry and technological trends you see affecting your practice area? 

Automation for testing is a big trend. This shift is helping cut back on manual testing processes, shortening project timelines, enabling test data generation for large amounts of data and reconciliation processes, and enabling clients to quickly test quarterly releases for their Cloud solutions.

Additionally on our HCM front, there is a shift from HCM On Premise to SuccessFactors in the cloud. Traditionally, utilities have been On Premise. In the future, HCM will not be supported On Premise, Success Factors will be the SAP HCM solution going forward. We will be working closely with our customers to ensure they are following the SAP roadmap and supporting them in their migrations from On Premise to SuccessFactors.

What are your goals/vision for your practice area?

For the TCoE, we will to grow our automated and manual test libraries that will be reusable and allow us to quickly ramp-up testing for client projects. We plan on extending that to cover internal Utegration products.  We are excited to announce that we are working on an automated test library for Utegration’s production Hybris C4C sales solution which will be used to quickly test and streamline our validation process for each SAP quarterly release. We also plan on extending automated testing to mobile devices in 2018.

In regards to training, we are developing a high level training process and materials to enable us to quickly ramp-up for client projects.

For HCM, we are in the process of getting more of our consultants certified in at least two areas of Success Factors and becoming a value added SAP SuccessFactors reseller. We will then be able to sell and implement Success Factors for clients.