Utegration Maximizes the Value of Cloud for Clients

Cloud has been fundamentally altering the IT landscape. An SAP article titled, “The Future of ERP: Public Cloud”, says that companies perform better when they make a shift to the cloud. This is due to advantages that include not requiring companies to own their IT infrastructure, scalability allowing quickly deployed applications, and new technology that can be used immediately. Some companies are initially adopting a hybrid cloud strategy, and Gartner says that by 2020, a corporate "no-cloud" policy will be as rare as a "no-internet" policy is today.

Utegration is embracing the cloud internally, selecting SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Hybris Cloud for Customer, and Concur Travel Expense Management, and is helping our customers reap the benefits of cloud. The following interview with Jill Prince McMullen, Director of Technology at Utegration, explores one of Utegration’s recent cloud implementation projects.


1.    Tell me about the recent project where cloud was implemented.

Our client needed to get the project off the ground in a short amount of time. Originally, they wanted to do the entire project on premise, but it was going to take 3 months to order hardware, provision it, etc. At our recommendation, they decided to use the cloud for their development environment, and then later migrate to on premise. It was an excellent interim solution to get a project started quickly and relatively inexpensively.

2.    What were the big hesitations the customer had?

The client really did not understand the cost, and they were hesitant because of security concerns and having private information in the cloud. They thought it would be more expensive than it actually was because their current hosting provider is really expensive. We were able to provide all the assurance that the data was secure and walked them through creating the account and configuring their computing instances.

3.    Why did the customer decide that cloud would be the best choice?

After we addressed their hesitations, it came down to speed of implementation. Cloud allowed them to get ahead of the game in terms of the project timeline and reduce the risk of project delay. Ultimately, the development and QA environments were low cost and allowed the client not to lose any time in development.

4.    How was Utegration able to help this customer succeed?

We were able to leverage our experience with our other clients that are also in the cloud. We put data points in front of the customer to show success. We walked and guided them through the whole process. We actually did the build out as their application management support provider and established the instances for application deployment. They had a smaller environment, so they were up and running in 5 days.

5.    What would you say to another customer that was debating about whether or not to go into the cloud?

I would have demos and POC we can use to prove it to them. It is very inexpensive to get into the cloud and prove it to the customer. Time and cost vary per deployment, but small and large deployments are possible. There are all different types of options. This was a small system with less than 4 instances deployed in the cloud, but for the next project coming up the client is looking at moving the project landscape into the cloud. Most of our clients are moving into the cloud for projects. Companies don’t want excess hardware lying around as a result of multiple project needs, and going into the cloud solves that.


If you want to learn more from our experts about our cloud solutions and offerings, email solutions@utegration.com.