Interview Series: Kai Bi, Managing Director - Product Development

We are continuing our practice director interviews with Kai Bi, Managing Director - Product Development. You can check out our main blog page for more interviews and other interesting posts!

What brought you to Utegration? Can you tell us about your professional background and experience?

I admire Bin Yu’s style and vision for Utegration. We are in  a very interesting and big industry in the SAP world. The whole industry is adopting new technology really aggressively and there is a lot of potential. 

I have a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and I worked for SAP for 15 years. I worked on the product development side for SAP. My focus was a product was centered around financial management, including BPC and S/4HANA.

Can you summarize the focus of your practice group?

We aim to deliver valuable products to the market in the Utilities and Oil & Gas industries. Our main focus is to develop products we feel will enhance our customers' businesses, through saving them money, helping their operations run more smoothly, and enabling them to best serve their own customers.

What is your long term vision for your practice group?

My practice group has to be willing to take ownership when developing a product. We should be able to provide good insights and recommendations based on the market to our clients. In order to do this we have to understand the technology but also understand how that technology can help solve business problems.

What do you believe sets Utegration apart, or what drew you to Utegration inititally?

Utegration is an aggressive and small company within a good industry and so the people here are ambitious and smart. We are a company with a lot of potential with excellent direction and a clear future.