Are Utilities In Digital Denial?

What happened to the safe, comfortable world of the traditional utility? Utilities were trudging along quite happily tinkering with their organizations, minimally connecting with their customers, and continuing to provide power, gas, and water, while protecting their monopolies. All of a sudden, the utility world was turned upside down by new digital technologies and disruptions to their business models. Consumers now have alternatives. The systems, capabilities, and relationships in place are becoming outdated and in need of an overhaul. Did this really happen overnight or are utilities in digital denial?

Reimagine, innovate, transform…three scary words that may send some running, yet this is exactly what today’s utility needs to do to survive. The digital age is altering the utility industry with five technology trends:

  1.  Hyperconnectivity
  2. Super Computing
  3. Cloud Computing
  4. A Smarter World
  5. Cyber Security

Companies that are adapting quickly to these trends are becoming leaders in the marketplace. New players like Google’s Nest and Tesla’s battery wall with their smart energy generation and management are crossing industry boundary lines. Startups are challenging utilities by offering environmentally friendly, dependable energy at affordable rates. What is a utility to do?

The good news is that in a digital world, people still need energy and water! The world’s energy consumption and need for clean water grows as the population increases. The utility of today must reimagine its business models, business processes, and work environment and balance that with its existing infrastructure to adapt to this developing “Digital Energy Network.” Henry Bailey, Global Vice President of SAP Utilities Business Solutions, discusses these concepts and the evolution of the “Digital Energy Network” in his whitepaper entitled, The Digital Utilities Inspire and Shape: a digital world that reinvents power generation, transmission, distribution, and retail. Download a copy of the whitepaper here.

Is YOUR utility in digital denial? What are you doing to survive in this new digital landscape?

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